Natures Basics by Ava is a phenomenal skin care range, with products to suit all skin types and ages. The products are amazing and you only need to use a small amount as it goes a long way so use sparingly and they will last you a forever. :) Sometimes I find we neglect our skin, but since I started using Nature Basics by Ava my skin has improved 1,000,000%. I'm delighted I was introduced to this brand and I hope you experience how amazing Ava's products are also. I will be back Ava and I wish you every continued success in the future. Slainte agus Saol Agat

- Elaine M

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Clay Mask


Chamomile + Oatmeal Clay Mask   

I was never a fan of face masks but after trying your face toner I decided to give it a try.  Now I do it 1 to 2 times a week.  Now I am hooked on them and I see a huge difference with my skin.  I will be adding more of your products to my skin routine they are amazing.  Keep the products coming.

- Shawnna M  

Chamomile + Oatmeal Anti Redness Balm

The Salve is absolutely amazing! So many uses for one little product it is amazing! I started using it on a rash I have on my neck, and it is slowly going away, but I have had this rash for a long time and I think with it getting wet and irritated and I keep scratching at it, so I am probably just delaying the process of it getting better, but the salve has helped a lot. BUT, CHECK THIS OUT!, I had hurt myself and had a really bad bruise, my boyfriend suggested I try to use the salve, "it works for everything else, it must work for the bruise" so I did exactly that, grabbed the salve and everyday I rubbed some on the bruise, and guess what?!?!.. maybe 3 to 4 days later it was GONE!!! it wasn't a little bruise either, it was probably the size of a golf ball, and nearly black.. I wouldn't even say purple because that is how dark it is. Not sure if you would need to test it to be able to say that it also reduces the look of bruises, but definitely something to consider. I loved that with the warmth of my finger's it would just melt and make application of it easy!

- Stephanie B





Rosemary + Lavender Deodorant

I love the products that i have purchased at Natures Basics by Ava.  I bought the Rosemary + Lavender deodorant and truly love it!  It smells lovely and most importantly, it is a creamy texture with great absorption.  it is easy to apply and works all day long.  I have tried natural deodorants previously and was not happy…they were sticky and did not keep body odour at bay.  I was a little skeptical about trying another natural deodorant but am so happy that i did.  i recommend it to everyone and has purchased one for a friend.  I will tell all my friends and family about it and encourage them to try it.  

- Michelle M

Rose Garden Cleansing + Toning Water

Toner felt amazing on my face.... all products worked wonders on my skin with 0 reaction which is great! You are creating miracles :)

- Kiyomi R

Cleansing + Toning Water


Unscented Lip Balm

Chap stick, fantastic! I don't really use chap stick because I find every time I do that I have to keep applying it or my lips just get dryer and I have to keep applying it... HOWEVER!! not with this one, I would put it on and it was a nice cover on my lips very light not waxy at all, and my lips wouldn't get dry! check that out, a product that does what it is suppose to! LOL

- Stephanie B

Unscented Body Lotion

Our son has multiple food allergies, coconut being one of them. Commercial creams contain coconut in one shape or another and this only made him more itchy. We set out to try and find some sort of cream that did not contain any coconut, this proved to be very difficult. I went to the Free From food expo and met Ava there, very nice lady! Her company was the only one that actually had a product free from coconut. The unscented body lotion worked wonders on our son's skin! I have since ordered a few more bottles! So thankful to have found this product!

-Phil D




Body Lotion


Bar Soap


Olive Oil (Old Fashioned Castile) Bar Soap

My husband suffers from psoriasis and has tried many products including prescription medications. He has had excellent improvement from using the castile soap. I must say that Ava is wonderful to do business with. She responds quickly to requests, is knowledgeable and conscientious. Will be happy to purchase from her again.

- Susan E.


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